Shire News

  • Volume 11, Issue 3
    Latest issue of Talon Tales can be found HERE.
  • New Reopening Guidelines
    The BoD has released further info in regards to in-person activities. Resolution to Further Lift Suspension of In-Person Activity in […]
  • Meetings Resume
    Per Kingdom guidelines, activity may resume the week of June 13th, 2021. Talonval’s first meeting will be June 15th, 2021. […]
  • January 7th 2020
    The Meeting Minutes for the January Business meeting can be found HERE.
  • Vol 9 – Issue 4
    The 2019 Winter volume of Talon Tales can be found HERE.

Midrealm News

  • by admin
    Greetings, Midrealm!  By the grace and support of Their Majesties, I am happy to announce that we are migrating to a new award recommendation system!  […]
  • by jahanara_alhafeeza
    Greatings Midrealm, As we look forward to the New Year, the initial outlook does not look good but, oddly, this may make the long term […]
  • by jahanara_alhafeeza
    Greetings Midrealm, We hope you and your families are well rested from the winter holidays. \We are aware of the concerns within the nation regarding […]
  • by jahanara_alhafeeza
    Greetings Midrealm, At every event run under the new SCA-rs system there has been at least one incidence of gentles turning up without registration. To […]
  • by jahanara_alhafeeza
    There are four distinct policies surrounding COVID in the Midrealm.  Requirement for pre-registration (large events) or contact tracing sheets (local meetings), SCA corpora policy 8/1/21 […]


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