Shire of Talonval, R.S.L.

MiC: Galen the Mad
Master Schedule

Siege of Talonval Armored Combat Schedule

9:30: Call for marshals and fighters to report to field

10:00 Armor inspections, pick-up fighting, authorizations

11:00 Last man standing melee

12:00 First Meatgrinder (MOAB) scenario and break

??:?? Second Meatgrinder scenario and break

2:00 Eginolf's Three-Way Bridge scenario, two
10-minute timed scenarios

2:30 Break, pick-up fighting, additional authorizations

MiC: Lady Kestral von Barton
Master Schedule

New Year, Same Range!
Range activites will follow the same format as seen in previous years.

Master Schedule

New Year, Same Shoot!
Activites will be roughly the same as seen in previous years including
the return of the The Albyn Buckthorne Memorial Shoot.

MiC: Jennifer Mahocker
Onsite camping with horses has been approved.