Shire of Talonval, R.S.L.

MiC: Galen the Mad
Master Schedule

Siege of Talonval Armored Combat Schedule

9:30: Call for marshals and fighters to report to field

10:00 Armor inspections, pick-up fighting, authorizations

11:00 Last man standing melee

12:00 First Meatgrinder (MOAB) scenario and break

??:?? Second Meatgrinder scenario and break

2:00 Eginolf's Three-Way Bridge scenario, two
10-minute timed scenarios

2:30 Break, pick-up fighting, additional authorizations

MiC: Lord Lucien Featherstone
Master Schedule

Siege of Talonval Rapier Schedule
900 am List Opens, inspections, authorizations
1000 am Quickening Bear Pit Tournament
1100 am One Up Tournament
1200 pm Lunch Break
100 pm Talonval Rapier Championship
200 pm All the Best Tournament
300 pm Melee
400 pm List Closes

Quickening Bear Pit Tournament 10am
This tournament will be a standard bear pit format with one point awarded for each victory, with the exception of head shots/draws being worth two. In order to keep this tournament rolling, for each round a victorious fighter wins while defending the list, they must take a wound (of their choice).
One Up Tournament 11am
This will be a round robin challenge format with any style allowed. The difference in this tournament will be that those choosing to use single dagger will be given 3 lives, those fighting single rapier 2 lives and those fighting with an advanced style will be given one life. Fencers may engage with styles of their choosing; they need not match. Fights will continue until one fighter runs out of lives in that bout and then reset for the next bout (weapon forms may be changed between bouts). One point will be awarded per victorious pass and the victor will be the one with the highest point total at the end. Double kills will be counted as a loss for both.
Talonval Rapier Championship 1pm
TBD by Master Max
The tournament is open to all rapier fighters. Winning the tournament entitles the person to be the Rapier Champion of the Shire of Talonval and to run the Championship next year.
All the Best Tournament 2pm
This tournament will be a modified, take your best, challenge-based elimination format. Before the match begins, the rapier fighters will call an area to be struck on their opponent. This will be done openly; their opponent will hear the intended target. If the target is struck AND their opponent is killed, they may regenerate a life lost in the tournament, up to their maximum. Maximums will be 2 for MoDs, 3 for Warders and 4 for Cavendish Knots and others. Double kills will be counted as a loss for both.

Melee 3pm
Following the last tournament, we will engage in some melee scenarios, including a Valhalla Circle.

Please find additional details here:

Hope to see everyone there for what will be a very fun day.
YIS to the Dream,
Master Lucien Featherstone
Siege of Talonval Rapier MIC


MiC: Lady Kestral von Barton
Master Schedule

New Year, Same Range!
Range activites will follow the same format as seen in previous years.

Master Schedule

New Year, Same Shoot!
Activites will be roughly the same as seen in previous years including
the return of the The Albyn Buckthorne Memorial Shoot.

MiC: Gwendolyn of Shadowed Stars

9-10am Authorizations

10-11:30am Challenge Course

11:30am-12pm Site Ride

12-1pm Lunch Break

1-3pm Mounted Archery

3-5pm Head to Head Games