Shire of Talonval, R.S.L.

MiC: Galen the Mad
Master Schedule

Siege of Talonval Armored Combat Schedule

9:30: Call for marshals and fighters to report to field

10:00 Armor inspections, pick-up fighting, authorizations

11:00 Last man standing melee

12:00 First Meatgrinder (MOAB) scenario and break

??:?? Second Meatgrinder scenario and break

2:00 Eginolf's Three-Way Bridge scenario, two
10-minute timed scenarios

2:30 Break, pick-up fighting, additional authorizations

MiC: Lucien Featherstone
Master Schedule


MiC: Lady Kestral von Barton
Master Schedule

New Year, Same Range!
Range activites will follow the same format as seen in previous years.

MiC: Forrester Grey Oddsson
Master Schedule

New Year, Same Shoot!
Activites will be roughly the same as seen in previous years including
the return of the The Albyn Buckthorne Memorial Shoot.