Shire of Talonval, R.S.L.

A full schedule of events can be found HERE.
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If the Schedule is looking a bit sparse, just take a look at previous years tabs to get a general idea.

Made a shiny? Bring a shiny! Show off shiny! Get a shiny!

Questions? Ask REYNA!

Rules are simple.
Make a thing.
Bring said thing to Siege.
Check in at A&S tent between 10am and 11am.
Populace will recieve bead(s) to vote for their favorties.
Tallys will be taken at 3pm.
Pick up your shiny and tokens no later than 4pm.

Documentation NOT required.



Blacksmithing Demo
Who: Jenny - When: 4pm - Where: Gypsy Wagon

MiC: Jennifer Mahocker

Exciting news: While some critical technicalities still need to be resolved, we intend to provide an EQUESTRIAN ARCHERY DEMONSTRATION at Siege of Talonval.

That’s right, an Equestrian Archery Demonstration.

A group of experienced equestrian archers from Michigan and Indiana will ride a course, shooting at targets as they ride. Some of these individuals will be dressed the garb of those who lived on the Steppes of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

In addition, a pack donkey will periodically wander our encampment.

Being around horses can be dangerous, especially when archery is added to the mix. Both participants and equestrian area spectators will be asked to sign waivers outlining safety expectations. In addition, participating horses should have an up-o-date Coggins.

If this goes well, we hope to bring even more equestrian to Siege of Talonval in 2019.