Shire of Talonval, R.S.L.

Scheduling is ongoing, keep checking back for more exciting updates!

Noon - Site Opens
Noon - Cooking Contest Begins
6 pm - Campers' Potluck
8pm* - Shire Championship Torchlight Tourney
8:30 - Brewers Competition (Expert)
9pm - "Drink N Sing" Brewers Competition (Popular Choice)

8 am - Troll Open
9 am - Equestrian Authorizations
9:00 am - Rapier List Opens, inspections, authorizations
9:30 am - Marshals to the Lists
10 am - Armored Inspections/Authorizations
10:00 am - Rapier Quickening Bear Pit Tournament
10 - Equestrian Challenge Course
10am - Bean Count Check In
11 pm - Bean Count Populace Vote
11:00 am - Rapier One Up Tournament
11:30 pm - Equestrian Site Ride
TBD - Lunch Tavern
12:00 pm - Rapier Lunch Break
1 pm - Mounted Archery
1:00 pm - Talonval Rapier Championship
2:00 pm - Rapier: All the Best Tournament
3 pm - Head to Head Equestrian Games
3:00 pm - Rapier Melee
3:30-4 pm - Bean Count pickup
4 pm - Troll Closes
4:00 pm - Rapier List Closes
5 pm* - Court?

Noon - Site Closes


A full schedule of events can be found HERE.
This opens in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
If you are on a mobile device I recommend you get/have the Google Sheets app.

The Siege Cooking Contest Returns!!!


We have been besieged for quite some time, and we are having the opposition leader in to parlay. Your job is to create the most impressive meal you can, with what we have available, in order to convince said leader that we are not starving and could withstand a much longer siege.

We will provide all the ingredients for you to prepare, in your camp kitchen, a meal for one person.
Presentation is important, so bring plates, etc.

The contest starts when troll opens (Fri Noon), so the earlier you get to the site,
the longer you have to work with the ingredients.

$10 advanced registration fee.
If you wish to register please EMAIL us no later than MAY 17th.

Current Participants
Olaf Igulbjarnarson

Brewing Contests

Expert Contest
Friday, 8:30 pm
Guest Judges: Master Odo de Eu, Baron Ivan Volfrkr, and another TBD
$5 entry fee (donations to royal travel fund) per submission
The categories are:
Wine & Mead
Supply 1-2 bottles for judges to try. Don't put your name/device on the bottles. We will assign you a number to keep all entries anonymous. You may enter more than one item. Each item pays the $5 entry fee.
A winner in each category will be announced Friday evening, and again at court on Saturday.

Popular Choice Contest
Friday, 9pm at Bardic Circle--featuring tavern songs!
Guest Judges: Everyone
No entry fee. Bring enough for 40 servings, or approximately 2 gallons. Clearly label your entry with ingredients list, the type of brew and the brewer's name. The winner will be chosen by popular acclamation, and earn bragging rights for next year's Siege event.

Contact Rosalyn

Made a shiny? Bring a shiny! Show off shiny! Get a shiny!

Rules are simple.
Make a thing.
Bring said thing to Siege.
Check in at A&S tent between 10am and 11am Sat.
Populace will recieve tokens to vote for their favorties.
Tallys will be counted after 3 pm.
Most tokens wins Siege Point.
Pick up your shiny and tokens no later than 4pm.

Documentation NOT required.

Contact Reyna